What is the dashboard?

What is the dashboard all about?
Becoming a successful athletes means training, eating, sleeping and thinking like a successful athlete. You’re not just an athlete for the 60 minutes you’re on the court, the 90 minutes on the field or the 25 minutes you’re in the cage – you’re an athlete 24/7. This means taking complete control of your physical performance. Lee might train with you for several hours per week, therefore the Athlete Dashboard is designed to give further guidance to improve your success in your own time with you in control.

Daily Monitoring
Recovery is absolutely paramount in achieving the best possible adaptions in improving your strength and conditioning. The Daily Monitoring tool is used to evaluate your overall recovery on a daily basis, giving Lee information on how you are responding to the train and if there are any adjustments needed so you can perform at 100% when it counts.

Mobility Sessions
You’re only as strong as you re free to move. Tightness and muscle imbalances not only increase your likelihood of injury, but decrease your overall force output. Considering that power is one of the most important traits an athlete can possess, this power output is severely limited by how much force you can produce. Therefore improving your mobility can help free up limbs decrease injury likelihood, decrease energy leaks within your kinetic chain and increase your overall force output. These mobility sessions are designed to improve your flexibility and mobility and eradicate any movement dysfunctions currently dampening your physical capabilities.

Energy System Development (ESD)
Fatigue is the enemy of human performance. You can be the strongest athlete on the field, court or in the ring… yet crumble to the opposition because you can’t keep up. These sessions are designed to improve your VO2max (fitness) and keep you in the game and up to speed (and beyond)!

A fast car is only as good as it’s fuel. Inadequate nutrition can be severely detrimental to athletic performance. Find out what and when to eat to minimise your recovery time and maximise your strength.

It all starts in the head, then down. Negative mindsets can influence your recovery time, attitude and overall work capacity. Many successful athletes will tell you – if you think you’ll lose, you’re probably right. Positive mindsets breed success and victory. Increase your morale and attitude with relaxation techniques and strategies to help improve your mindset.